Friday, June 02, 2006

"Blue skies, smilin' at me..."

THE SUN IS OUT!!! I've been waiting three weeks for a beautiful day, and I finally got one for my last day in Berlin. Soooooo exciting. The temperature was moderate (not to0 cold and not too hot) and the sky was a perfect mixture of sunshine and cloud cover. Aaaahhhh. I love it!
I do have one more thing to say about the whole architecture thing I was ranting on about in the last entry. Berlin is so big that I cannot possibly see it all in three days, so my view is rather skewed. Even this afternoon's adventures have changed my outlook a little - there are a few "classical" buildings left in the city (mainly I've seen them on "Museum Island", where I visited today). But even with these, they have been either heavily restored or there is still a reminder of the war left on them (ie - lots of bullet holes). I'm glad the weather was nice enough today to allow me to stroll through the city - or at least part of the city.
I finally got a chance to visit the Pergamon Museum today. IT WAS FABULOUS!!! I spent three hours there, which is about my brain's limit for absorbing information at one time. I could spend a week going back there. And the audio guide was so cool - you could either take a 30 minute "highlights" tour with it, or good through the galleries on your own and punch in the items code for anything you wanted information on. It was great - I got a lot of information on ancient Greek and Middle Eastern architecture and Islamic art. They've even recontructed the Ishmar gates of Babylon in the museum! I highly recommend it for my fellow archaeology fans - it's a gold mine. My jaw was open for a solid half-hour after I walked in.
After the museum, I was starving. That was about the time I realized that I had not eaten all day. I looked in my handy-dandy Fat Tire Bike Tour brouchure for some food suggests and made my way to Dolores' Cafe. They saved my life. I have been having burrito withdrawals for a while and here in the middle of Berlin was a California-style gourmet burrito shop. Complete with an excellent Mexican beer selection, including (drumroll....) Negra Modelo. :-D. I don't think I need to eat again for another 48 hours. That was the biggest portion of food I've had since my last Chipotle run with the 05 girls.
Aaaaahhhh, what a day!

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