Friday, October 03, 2008

Planes, trains, and plantains

I finally have a chance to put a little message up here, letting you all know I'm safe and sound in Accra.
We arrived a few days ago, after a very long flight from Philadelphia. Things have been moving at whirlwind pace thus far, but we finally had some free time to explore today. Technically, we're on a cultural scavenger hunt, but one of my tasks was to find an internet cafe and see how much it is for an hour (the answer - 0.60GP - roughly 50 cents, and 1/6 of my daily allowance while here).
Now I'm off to buy a sim card for my cell phone. I'll try to reply to individual messages later.
Love to all.
PS - Plantains are in season and fantastic. And no, my banana allergy does not extend to plantains. Mmmmm, fufu.