Thursday, July 13, 2006

A bit of business before I disappear...

So I'm definitely feeling the increased security here as the Summitt approaches. Cops with machine guns have started patrolling the subway during the day time now too. I nearly got stopped yesterday (I think it might have been the big bag I was carrying) but he stopped the guy next to me.
So I'm going to "disappear" for a few days. I've decided that the best course of action is to stay home, since going anywhere would require taking a bus or the metro. I can receive calls for free on my cell phone, so if you can find a cheap way to call me, I welcome messages from home (not just if you're wondering where I am, but if you just want to talk too) at +89500035886. Kindly remember the 9 hour time difference.
Also, my posting will probably be pretty scattered from here on out. The art program ends this week, so I don't think I'll be able to use the free computers any more. Sigh. I will find a way...
Oh, and Liam - you be careful too. As Dogberry once said, "Adieu. Be vigitant, I beseech you."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A very disorganized post...

I hate it when I neglect writing on my blog for several days then can't remember all that has happened since the last post. I think it's a combination of lack of sleep and super-busy-ness that has caused the lapse in memory this time. Saturday and Sunday were both days of relative relaxation. I finished editing the photos that I wanted in the show and messed around downtown all weekend while the others finished up their projects and starting hanging stuff in the exhibition space. Maybe I just can't remember what I did all day because I didn't do anything.
Anyway, I had a ticket for the ballet (at the Hermitage Theatre) on Sunday evening, so I decided to go home early (2-ish) and take a nap before the show. When I walked in the door, Tanya handed me a glass of champagne, annoucing that it was her birthday and we needed to celebrate. So began the celebration, and it ended with me having to leave early to sit through a very long ballet. It was gorgeous, as nearly everything in this city is, yet ballet is definitely not one of my favorite forms of entertainment. I'm more the opera type. But it was good, and more importantly, it was free. And we had pretty good seats.
Monday was kind of hectic. Last minute preparations for the show were going on. I had another language class with the other Elena (such a common name here), and I think I may have impressed her with my fairy tale reading ability. Then again, maybe not.
Tuesday (yesterday) was really one of the highlight days. We spent the morning frantically finishing up for the show opening. Gleb's finger was one of the casualities of the show - he sliced it pretty good with an X-acto knife while putting together his installation piece. (More on this later) We patched it up (temporarily) and had a great opening - lots of press and free box wine (they still haven't completely recovered from the whole import sticker fiasco - see last entry). We had to kick some homeless guys out at one point (we felt bad because they were nice, but they were getting drunk on the free beverages). I'm gonna try and get my hands on some of the Russian press. It really was a good show, if I do say so myself.
We had a mini celebration after the opening, since we felt like we had successfully completed our major task for the trip. We went to a nice pizza place on Nevskiy prospect, then just hung out for the rest of the evening until we were too tired to stay up. We had to take Gleb to the American Clinic to get his finger checked out, then he had to go back in the morning to get some stitches. Poor guy - it just wouldn't stop bleeding. But that's what happens when you play with knives...
This morning we visited this guy's house outside of town. He had an animation studio of sorts set up inside, and showed us a bunch of his work. He was really a cool guy, and talked to us for ever (we never got tired of it either). The house reminded me a lot of central Austin - a little run down lot resisting the encroachment of the big commercial constructions around it. So cool. It was almost like going to one of Leann's barn dances.
Anyway, I have to run - it's Ksusha's birthday today, and I promised we'd go play pool.