Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Blank Spot in the Road

In our language class yesterday, we learned words and phrase to use in the market. "How much is this yam? That is too expensive, reduce the price. Please give me a little extra." etc. The topic also included colors (though we only really learned four - apparently we don't need more than for colors to make it in Ghana) - red (peper), black (lembir), green (fitiri-bunjbunj), and white (fuful). As Braimah (my language teacher) said the word for white, I started giggling. I suddenly understood the root of my village's name - Fufulso literally means the "white place." Or As Braimah put it, the place without color. I'm going to be spending two years living in the blank spot in the road. That's what I get for telling my APCD (Associate Peace Corps Director - my boss when it comes to WATSAN) that I want to be placed somewhere pretty. But I'm excited - I'm close to lots of good places, and more importantly, lots of friends.
We're going on a field trip this Saturday. We're going based on sector and assignment, so all the WATSANers that are assigned to the north are going to the Northern Region together for a week. We'll spend some time at a volunteer's site, helping with a few things and seeing some more of the country, then we'll head back to Old Tafo for a few weeks before we go on our individual site visits to our villages.
Even though we're leaving at dawn on Saturday, the fact that Friday is Halloween has not escaped us. We're planning on having a cross sector get-together of some kind, including costumes and maybe even a little trick-or-treating. Why not - our homestay families already think we're insane.
Happy happy birthday to my big sister, Emily. I have to head back to Old Tafo for my lunch.