Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So much to do...

...and so little time. It's difficult for me to comprehend the fact that I will be on a plane 5 weeks from tomorrow. For eight months. Hmmm. And how much stuff to I have to get done before then? Way too much.
Anyway, here is the tentative plan for May. I get on a plane to Prague (via Frankfurt) on May 4th. I'll hang out there for a few days, then hop on a train to Vienna. Gotta get me some of that wiener schnitzel! From there, I want to go to Budapest - I here it's pretty cool. Then I'll cross back over into Austria and hang out in Salzburg. Yay for the year of Mozart. Oh yeah, and that's where I'll pick up my Russian visa - without speaking German. It should be interesting. After that, it's off to Germany. I want to visit Munich and Berlin, and a bunch of little towns in between. Randi said she'd be in Wurzburg all summer, so maybe I'll visit there too. Then I'll take a ferry from Rostock to Hanko, Finland, and a train (or maybe another boat) from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. Whoa. It's gonna be a trip.
So if you see me between now and May 4th, I might resemble a chicken with its head cut off. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. And I have to figure out where I want to go to grad school. Hmmm. Am I supposed to keep my sanity too?