Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And so we continue where we left off...

After a little break due to injury (Iris', not mine), we got back to our regular training routine today - out the door at 5.45 and down to White Rock Lake for the ten-mile loop before Iris had to leave for work. The cold from this weekend still lingered, but this time I was prepared - I found long-sleeve jerseys and toe-warmers on sale :-D. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up the morning runs. Things are infinitely more complicated when work, kids, and crazy moms are thrown into the mix (don't worry, the kids and mom aren't mine).
But regardless of how things go in the mornings, I'm still going full-force on the weekends. I am officially registered for Cruisin' de Hood on the 21st. Hopefully Granny G and Pops will still be in Texas so that we can go for brownies at their house afterwards since we'll end up just down the road from them (hint hint).
Anyway, off to talk about Harry Potter some more. I love this semester's reading list :-D.