Monday, May 29, 2006

Fairytale Land

Even with pouring rain and horribly low temperatures, TODAY WAS AWESOME! I went on a tour to Neuschwanstein Castle, one of Mad King Ludwig's pet projects. It's the castle that Disney based his on. And it looked it too. Especially when we hiked up to the Maria Bridge, which overlooks the castle and a waterfall, and had a spectacular view of the castle through the mist. I can't wait to load this pictures, though I have to admit they are aweful. Like I said, it was pouring the whole time, so pictures of the day are scattered and blurry. I'll upload them on to flickr (use the same link from below) as soon as I get a chance.
Right now I need to go defrost in a nice warm shower - if the two showers we have for forty people are not occupied - then go find something to eat. I'm thinking a pizza might be in order.

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