Monday, May 08, 2006

Even more stuff in Prague...

The pub crawl was interesting – definitely a success. Evelyn did come and it was a good thing. Otherwise I would have been the only person besides our guide under the age of at least 40. And we were the only two Americans. Anna (the guide) said it was the smallest and youngest group she’s ever had for this tour. It was nice though – we had some good conversations. There was a couple from Wales, a couple from outside of London (sorry, don’t remember what city), and a couple from Northern Ireland (who I ran into again today on the Charles Bridge – they were getting ready to go back home). We went to three different pubs and had a free beer in each, and dinner in the second one. Everything was tasty. And Anna made sure Evelyn and I got to the train station alright, being that we are two little American girls traveling by ourselves. Hehehe.

When I got back to the hostel, I had a new roommate in addition to the three Brazilian girls. Leona is from Australia. Since the others left this morning, we have the room for six all to ourselves, unless some more people show up later tonight. It has been rather quiet in the hostel since I’ve been here. Maybe more people are having as much trouble finding it as I did. :-D.

We actually hung out a lot today. Both of us walked down to the Charles Bridge again so that we could go on one of the river boat tours. The guide/captain was very good looking. And they had free beer. And a man playing an accordion. Very lovely.

With that done, we decided to walk up towards the castle, and then to the observation tower, which is like a miniature Eiffel Tower. It was a wonderful walk and a wonderful view. The path went winding through this massive garden, complete with families and couples enjoying each others’ company. Of course, unlike the tower in Paris, there was no elevator – we climbing 249 steps to the top. Woohoo. I feel strong.

We witnessed a fight (a real fight) as we sat outside the train station eating our 23-Kč (about a dollar) bagettes. Don’t really know what it was about but one guy was beating the crap out of another, who was simply taking it, making no attempt to fight him off. We did develop a few theories as to the reason for the fight. Mine – the guy being beaten impregnated the other’s fiancé. Leona’s – the guy being beaten drank the other guy’s wine (all the guys standing around us were drinking wine from these little quart-size boxes). Both are equally valid. We may never know the real reason.

I bought a ticket today for tomorrow night’s train to Budapest. It doesn’t leave until 23.05 but I have to check out of the room by 10.00. Hmmmm. I think I have a problem to solve. Should be another interesting experience.

The Keens gave me a blister L. But I have my Chacos with me as a backup, so it’s all good. I’m gonna have to wear them instead tomorrow. Not like it’s a big sacrifice – they are equally comfortable.

Enough rambling, I need to edit some of these photos (I took way to many, once again).

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