Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Victory at last

I finally managed to reclaim my Saturdays. This afternoon I had a long, semi-heartfelt conversation with Natalya Alexandrovna concerning my situation in the Regional Studies class. I wasn't learning anything at all - it was a complete waste of time. It would be one thing of I was an economics major or interested in international business - but that is not what I'm here for. And it's not like the class would have counted for anything anyway. I'm now (unofficially, of course) working on my own to study the region - reading more and more in Russian, and seeing as much as possible of the area before I have to start hiding away from the cold.
Mongolia, here I come (in a month or so, anyway).
Some bad news - I just found out that the evil babushka is on duty at the dorm on Friday night. This does not bode well for my party plans. Maybe she can be bribed with chocolate...

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