Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Blini Bribe

I found that in a select number of instances, food can be just as good a bribe as money. Such was the case with Nina Feoderovna, the resident "dorm-nazi" here in Irkutsk. I found out she was going to be working tonight (night of the big birthday party). What to do? Well, I had just made a huge plate of blini (Russian crepes/pancakes), and couldn't eat them all anyway, so I figured I'd run some down to her and butter her up. It worked quite well. Not only did she say no problem to having people over, but she said she'd arrange things with the nighttime watchlady at their dorm so that they won't have any trouble getting home. Woohoo! Who knew having your 21st birthday in Russia could be so fun?
I just made a huge batch of chili and Karin is bringing something yummy for the vegetarians. It should be a killer party.
Of course, we'll have to see how I feel about it tomorrow morning...

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Marfa said...

So you must be a pretty good cook to bribe a Russian with your homemade blini!!! Congrats!