Sunday, June 04, 2006

Being sick sucks

I woke up this morning after a peaceful night's rest (this really is the best hostel I've stayed in thus far) to find that I could barely swallow anything. My throat must be rebelling against all the döner kebaps and pizza, because it really doesn't like me right now. I decided to see a few sites anyway (especially after the owners told me I could leave all my stuff here, even though check out is at 11). I borrowed another guide book and got directions to go to the Warnemünde, which is basically the main fishermen's area, where all the touristy things to do are. I walked up and down the docks, bought some freshly cooked fish (which I could hardly eat :-( ), then wandered up and down the beach, all the way from the old lighthouse to the new one on the other side. I was nice, though a bit windy and cold (I don't know if it was the weather or my raging fever). After a few hours, I decided that I'd had enough (I had a migraine by this time, which was ruining the sunny weather for me). I hoped back on the S-bahn and went back to the hostel, where Gerhardt let me sleep on the couch in the laundry room. It was nice and dark and cold, and there was no laundry being done, so it was quiet too. I think I slept for a good 4 hours. I still have a headache and fever and a horribly sore throat, but I here there is a medical center on my boat, so I'm gonna hold out til morning and see how I feel.
I think I'll take a taxi to the harbour. I don't have the energy to walk from the end of the S-bahn to the office with all my bags.
See you all on the flip side.

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