Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rain, rain, go away

You should all check out the weather report for Salzburg for this next week. It has been raining pretty steadily for three days, and with the exception of tomorrow, it's supposed to rain all next week as well.
I checked into going rafting/canoeing tomorrow with the sun, but they only do paragliding on Mondays. They did say that they are leading a rafting trip on Tuesday, which I might go on if it's not too cold.
I'm going to try to go hiking tomorrow. Depends on the weather. It appears to be snowing up on the top of the mountains, so that could rule out the hiking trip.
I did even less today than I did yesterday (at least yesterday there were a couple of hours of sunlight in the afternoon so that I could go to the gardens). BUT, I did finally watch The Sound of Music showing at the hostel - they put it on everyday at 10.30. Hehehe. There were so many macho guys pretending to hate it. But we all know they really were singing along on the inside.

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