Friday, May 19, 2006

"The hills are alive..."

I love Salzburg!
I just arrived here two days ago and am having a marvelous time.
Vienna was awesome for that final day. We were able to get some of the standing-room tickets to see Madame Butterfly - and it was only 3.50 euros! Well worth standing up for three hours. And the old lady behind me was a literature professor, so we talked non-stop during the intermission.
I am enjoying Salzburg so much more though. It's nice to finally be in a smaller place after visiting so many cities. I went on the "Sound of Music Tour" yesterday, and today went on the Salt Mine Tour up in the mountians. I'm stuck here until the Russians finally get their act together and give me my visa, so I think I'll take advantage of my location and do some outdoor sporting. There's a pretty extensive bus system here, so I shouldn't have any trouble.
Anyway, gotta make this entry quick - internet prices tend to get out of hand when you lose track of time.
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