Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The planning of the epic roadtrip continues...

Here's the plan so far for the drive to Portland at the end of May (click here to see the map)...
  • Depart early in the morning of Tuesday May 29
  • Drive to Santa Fe; spend the night there.
  • Get up early and drive to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Camp there Wednesday May 30
  • Get up early again and drive to Cody, WY. See the Buffalo Bill Museum. Either camp there or stay in a motel the night of Thursday May 31
  • Get up early yet again and stake out a camping site in Yellowstone. Spend the day of Friday June 1 exploring the park then camp there that night.
  • Get up early again and explore the park some more, moving to Grand Teton NP in the afternoon. In the evening, drive to Idaho Falls and spend the night Saturday June 2 there.
  • Get up early (do I really need to keep saying that) and drive to Baker City, OR. Spend the day and night of Sunday June 3 there.
  • Be in Portland around noon on MONDAY JUNE 4

Wow. That's a lot of driving. 2,42o mi for Frodo according to Google Maps.

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