Monday, December 18, 2006

Sign here, please...

The only real reason I got out of bed this morning was to get one final signature on my grade sheet. Little did I know that the grade sheet was only the first in a long line of paperwork needed to leave this country. First I had to write a declaration, essential saying, "I wanna go home." Then I had to make a list of all my courses and grades and hours that need to go on my transcript. Then I scheduled my airport transfer. Then I was given yet another slip of paper, this one apparently the most important of all. I have to get a signature from just about every person I've dealt with thus far at the university - and I mean everyone, from the dean of the faculty to the little old lady at the dormitory who gave me my sheets. Geesh. It's a good thing I started packing last night. I'm completely booked right up until the hour I leave (I guess I should have scheduled some time to sleep as well...). I'm going bowling this evening with the Belgians, then I have a party tomorrow night (I even convinced the old lady at the dorm to extend my curfew since it'll be my last night). But for now, I'm off to collect more signatures. Satisfying bureaucrats can be quite an adventure.

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