Monday, December 18, 2006

And it's all downhill from here...

I mean that in the good sense - as in, I have time for sledding and taking it easy now that I've finished my exams. I may not have gotten a 5 (the highest grade), but I did manage to pass my Morphology exam. Let me say that that was the most terrifying testing experience I've ever had in my life. Russian exams work something like a POW torture session. You are grilled by the instructor and must recite the answers by rote. AAAAAHHHH. I can handle the practical exercises, but reciting the definitions of all the different gramatical terms is just beyond me (I'm not even sure that I could do it in English). Anyway, it's all over and done with now and I am free to enjoy my last few days here. I still have a bunch of stuff that I need to get down but it's all technical paperwork and stuff - nothing that really requires a fully functional brain. I guess that means it's time for happy hour (hey, it's five oclock in Vladivostok - that's close enough).

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