Monday, September 11, 2006

I get it!!! (Finally)

Considering the days I have been having lately, today was pretty awesome. I understood (almost) everything in both my lessons this morning - very unusual for me. I even felt smart there for a few minutes. Until I tried to have a conversation with the teacher after class - that's when things went downhill. But I'm not letting that make me feel bad. I think understanding the lesson was an achievement on it's own at this point.
Also, I solved the mystery of the missing class this afternoon (at least I think I did). It turns out they changed the day and time to Wednesday at 2 pm. Who knew? Not me. This rocks - now I have a full weekend again! No more stupid Saturday classes. If only my Monday lessons started a little later than 8 am...
My roommate is driving me a bit bananas right now. She's not nearly as bad as the infamous Katya, but I'm still having some issues. Maybe it's just getting used to living in the same room with somebody again, but I doubt it. Some of the hostels I stayed at this summer had around 20 people living in each room and I was alright. I think our personalities just don't mesh. She just won't leave me alone. Not only do I see her every morning and night, but she is in all my lessons (at the moment anyway) and followed me everywhere this weekend. I want some time to myself sometimes, dammit! And that whole not-bathing thing better change real quick, before I start to smell too. There are a couple more girls heading here tomorrow who are from the same city in Belgium, so maybe she can find another friend to latch on to. Maybe I'm being insensitive and unreasonable - maybe it'll get better in that department. In any case, it feels good to vent. Today was good and that's enough for me.
I think Aaron's having movie night tonight, which means I have to be there (I'm the only one with a computer/DVD player). Isn't that a shame. :-D
До завтра!

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