Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The saga of the mystery class continues. According to Natalya Alexandrovna and Natalya Olegovna (the assistant dean, who now also involved in the hunt), the class really is on Saturdays at 2.30, though they don't know in what room. Aaaahhh. Now that I have Fridays off, they have to dash my hopes of any more weekends away by giving me a Saturday class. I've had to change my plans for this weekend. I was going to go to Listvyanka on Friday (fieldtrip) then join up with the others on Okhon Island (the largest island on Lake Baikal) on Saturday. It's not so much having to change plans that pisses me off (I was thinking about not going on Saturday anyway - I need to take a break for doing stuff - I haven't really rested in three weeks and Lies will be gone so I'll have the room to myself all weekend). The lack of organization is what gets me. It's nearly a month into classes and I still haven't found out what the deal is with this class. How am I ever going to pass it?
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Too much complaining is bad for my health. At least I still have Friday off (for now anyway).
I'm still trying to find a way to get to China (maybe for Thanksgiving?). The whole visa thing is going to be a real pain (if possible at all). Also, I can't get in touch with James and Liam. If anyone has a way to contact them, let me know.
Hannah - out.

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Oberon said...

.......i was born in dallas....well....irving really.....howdy neighbor.