Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The trappings of a light semester

I think I may have finally found the flaw in my masterfully devised schedule for this semester. Because my only two classes that actually have writing assignments are both three-hour block classes and they both fall on the same day, the odds were against me from the beginning that I might have to turn stuff in for both classes on the same day.
Well, that day finally came. I had an essay on an essay due in Pueblo Modernism, and the first four writing assignments for AP 3300 are due later tonight. Short papers are evil. They seem so innocent, until they creep up in the planner and suddenly appear on the next day's to-do list. And it is incredibly difficult, by the way, to do a piece of art any justice when you only have a page and a half in which to analyze it. Sigh. But all is well. I just finished the final paper, and find myself with an entire hour to waste before class.
Now if only I would start my photography project that's due tomorrow afternoon . . .
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to those who might actually be celebrating this stupid holiday. Sorry guys, I already have a date, with my TV and a bar of chocolate.

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