Saturday, September 13, 2008

On the fine art of packing

I like to think of myself as an artist when it comes to packing. Anyone can pack for a week long trip, but how many people do you know can pack a bag for a 27 month trip without going over weight?
I took all of this stuff...
...and these two backpacks...
...and this was the result...
The big green one is only 45 lbs, putting me within the free limits for Delta, with whom I am flying to Accra. I have this wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Of course, I haven't gone over my list to make sure I have everything, but no one's bursting my bubble today (not even the fact that Hurrican Ike ruined my going away party plans).

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kathew said...

Hannah- Bon Voyage! Your art of packing makes me think you could write a fine epistle on "taking only what is necessary". Have a
safe journey to Accra and a memorable time in Africa! We both
know you will make positive changes and lifetime friends!
All our best to you,
Kathe and Russell