Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New hobbies

The impending arrival of finals week means it's time to find new ways in which to distract myself from all the work that needs to get done. What new hobbies have I taken up this year? Well, there was the mandolin I bought a couple of months ago. That's going well. My fingers no longer hurt when I'm done playing. Thanks to Erica and Stephen I have two new ways in which to occupy my time this year. After a semester on the St. Andrew's fencing team, Erica decided that UTD needed one too. Practiced started about a month ago and tonight was our first session with weapons. COOL! And yes, it is as fun as it sounds, and a tough workout. I'm glad I still have my sexy marching band legs.
What better way to cool off after a bout than to pick up a few tennis balls and start juggling? Stephen is the one I can thank for this latest addition to my list of skills. Of course, I can just barely do the basic three-ball juggling right now, but eventually Erica and I are gonna have the six-ball toss down. Yep. Right after we ace these finals....

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