Tuesday, March 20, 2007

News of the Weird

It has been insanely long since I last wrote anything on this thing. Suffice it to say, a lot has happened in the weeks that have passed since my successful escape from Russia. Rather than fill you all in on the mundane news of the past, I feel it would be better for me to say where I'm heading - because the next several months are going to KICK ASS!
Through a series of serendipitous conversations and sheer luck, I managed to get hooked up with an internship for the summer - IN PORTLAND, OREGON! I am excited beyond belief. Not only is the internship going to be sweet (in a contemporary art gallery downtown), but I get to a) escape the Texas summer yet again b)visit the west coast for the first time in my life and c) enjoy a city which seems to get cooler the more I look at it.
Looking at the city and my situation for the summer led to my second big piece of news - I have taken up a new sport. I decided that I can't live in a bike town without taking advantage of it, so I've purchased a new bike (flat bar hybrid road bike to be specific) and am learning to ride efficiently so that I can a) commute to work this summer and b) ride in the MS 150 with my buddies. ***Speaking of which - the MS 150! This is a 150 mile ride (duh) and all the money I raise goes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. There's a minimum pledge I have to raise of $300. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN CONTRIBUTING, PLEASE DO!!! That was not a shameless plug at all. I'm just in it to have fun and get into shape again.
Anyway, that's me and what I've been doing lately. Sort of. That and reading. A lot. But then, aren't I always?
Peace out

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kw said...

Hannah-great news on your new bike! Russell is a biking fiend and I use mine for shopping and going around town. You will fit right in here! See ya! Kathe W.