Thursday, August 03, 2006

A bit about the weather...

I read an excerpt from a guide book that described St. Petersburg's weather as "wonderfully capricious." How true this is. A few days ago I was hot as hell, and there was not a cloud in site. Now I feel like we've jumped ahead a few months. You know that feeling in late fall (in Texas, anyway), when a storm is rolling in and you can't decide whether it's cold or just cool? That's what it's like out today. I get the feeling that any minute it's going to start pouring. But I love the electricity of it. And I actually remembered my rain jacket when I left this morning (fancy that).
Okay, enough about that - time for some good news. I actually had FUN in class this morning. In the summertime, the language teachers rotate their vacations so that every month or so, each class ends up with a new teacher. Well, we got our new conversation teacher today. She just got back from a month by the seashore, so she was in an exceptionally good mood. And I understood EVERYTHING in today's lesson. It was fabulous. It's like they finally found someone who knows how to teach foreigners. She doesn't treat me like an idiot like Tatiana (our previous teacher) did. And we got to draw pictures today, which made things even more exciting. I got a 5 (Russian equivalent of an A+) on my drawing. :-D
Now I need to go find a printer - have to print out all my forms for my new visa application. Oh joy - Russian consulates are so much fun.

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