Friday, July 21, 2006

I finally found it...

That's right - I found a rountine. It's not terribly exciting, but it's nice to be back on a regular schedule for a change. Here is a brief outline of a day in the life of me...
7:30 - My alarm goes off.
8ish - I finally get out of bed, take a shower, and get dressed.
8:45ish - I catch the bus to school (as long as I get on by 9 I won't be late).
9:30 - 12:40 - Russian class at SPbGU. Mondays and Wednesdays are conversation, Tuesdays are reading, and Thursdays and Fridays are grammar. This means that by Friday (TODAY!) I'm ready for a break.
13:00ish - lunch somewhere. There's a cafeteria place down on Nevskiy Prospeckt that's pretty cheap and very tasty. And it's got the best name in the world - "Freakadelphi" Hehehe.
At this point I usually find someway to pass a few hours. My American roommate practices her viola until about 4 each afternoon, and while she is very good and it's nice to listen to, I like to leave her alone while she practices. I know how self-conscious I am when someone is listening to me play.
16:00ish - I catch the minibus back home* (A brief word on minibuses - to solve the problem of mobilizing a large population without too many overcrowded regular sized buses, the powers that be in St. Petersburg decided to have a fleet of "minibuses" - they're somewhere between taxis and buses. You can flag them down just about anywhere and they only stop when someone asks to get off. This means they get you where you're going very quickly. Of course, it also means that a ride in one of these fast moving vans can be one of the scariest experiences of your life, as the driver weaves in and out of rush hour traffic. Still, I prefer the 25 min ride on the minibus to the hour and a half ride on the regular bus in the afternoon).
Watch some tv, hang out with roomies and neighbors, and maybe do my homework (if I happen to understand what the assignment is for the day).
Midnightish - "Spakoinnye Noche"
Then it all begins again.
Of course, the weekends are a different matter - who knows what will happen then. The only plan I have for this weekend is a trip to the sushi restaurant at 6 this evening. Where I go from there, there's no telling.

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